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iDance adaptive classes are built for all differing abilities. We offer hip-hop, tap, and combo levels 1-4. Each class is catered to the individual needs and sensory diets of each student.

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Our adaptive gym is perfect for all physical disabilities. We offer a variety of fitness classes, including drumming cardio and blind aerobics. These integrated drop-in classes are perfect for families to participate together.


iJump is an adaptive movement and choreography class for children ages 6-11 years of age. Children with different abilities explore dance, gymnastic and movement therapies focusing on sensory integration, timing and teamwork.

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iAm is a resource driven recreation and support group for LGBTQ+ people with developmental disabilities. iAm provides a safe environment for people to discuss sensitive topics in their life and learn about resources in the LGBTQ+ community.

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iSing adaptive classes teach the vocal skills for performing. iSing has a focus on intonation, articulation, oral motor skills leading students to improve confidence, team building and stage presence.

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